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Discipleship Training School

Lecture Phase:

The DTS is a 5 month discipleship training school designed in 2 parts. The first 12 weeks are all about YOU getting to know GOD more! This specific DTS is for the purpose of raising up leaders and training them to be released back into the Deaf community worldwide with the purpose to see Jesus lifted high. We believe that the presence of the Lord is THE strategy to igniting the Deaf community for Jesus. In this DTS we will put worship and intercession as a community in the highest priority, as we seek Gods heart and establish Jesus on the throne of our lives. During this time of training we will invite speakers from all over the nation and world to speak on different topics. Some of these themes include:  

  • Hearing the Voice of God

  • The Nature and Character of God

  • The Father Heart of God

  • Restoration of the Heart and Mind

  • How to Study the Bible

  • Biblical World View

  • Intercession and Spiritual Warfare

  • Worship and Prayer

  • The Power of the Holy Spirit

  • Missions and Evangelism

Outreach Phase:

The second part of the DTS is the outreach. We will take 8-12 weeks to put into practice the truths and spiritual discipline we gained in the first phase of the DTS. In this time we will practice hearing the voice of God and obeying as we follow his guidance in where to go and what to do. The focus again will be establishing a place of intercession and worship that allows God’s presence to overflow from our lives out into the communities and people we come in contact with. We will emphasize reaching the unreached Deaf, nationally and internationally in this time.


*approximate and subject to change

Lecture fee covers: Community living housing (sharing a room with others), everyday breakfast, lunches, and dinners, and all school related transportation costs and materials.

Approximate Lecture Phase Cost:

Our DTS Lecture phase tuition is designed along a geopolitically sensitive scale, recognising that not all economies are created equal. Along the universal YWAM scale, we have tuition broken down into 3 categories of nations: A, B and C, and the varying costs quoted are considered relatively equal when rated against the standard of living of the nations.


** Find your specific nation category here.


Category A - (North America, Western Europe, Australia) $3,600 USD

Category B - (China, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South Africa, ) $2,600 USD

Category C - (the Far East, South America, and the Caribbean) $1,600 USD

Local price (Jamaicans only) - $1,300 USD

Outreach Fees can range depending on nation, nature of outreach, airfares, and duration of travel. Estimate 2500-3500$

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